Lark Harbour House

A little history about the house.
The Lark Harbour house was built in 1890 by Sam Sheppard, a young fisherman who had moved here from Spaniard's Bay, a fishing village on the east coast of the province. Typical of other fishing houses of the time, the two story, two bedroom home is constructed of local pine, some planks 12 to 18 inches wide. Sam had hand planed many of the beams in the house, and nailed the home together with square nails or homemade wooden dowels. The Lark Harbour house, the oldest standing home in the Bay of Islands, is a peek into Newfoundland's history.

Lark Harbour

A little about the area.
You will fall asleep to silence and wake up to seagulls in the harbour, a calming and gentle way to arise. Sit at the dining room table as you have your morning coffee or take it outside and sit in one of the Muskoka chairs. Drinking a mug of coffee and watching the ocean is one of my favourite summertime morning rituals. As you are in a fishing community, you can stroll down the road and maybe chat with a fisherman coming in with his daily catch. You may be able to buy yourself some fresh lobster, crab, cod, mackerel, halibut or whatever fish is in season.

Hiking through the Blomidon Mountains is a must. There are many hiking trails throughout the area which are popular with tourists and locals alike. The Blow Me Down Provincial Park has a great walk up to a lookout which enables you to see the entire harbour and is breathtaking.